CIS Firewall Configuration of FTP Client FileZilla

Hello everyone, i just started using Comodo Internet Security and so far I am very impressed, but still a bit confused by all the options available, in my case i would like to configure FileZilla FTP Client to connect to server for updating website. I followed some of the other guides and posts touching on this same problem only to find slightly outdated instructions (Version 5) or unresolved issues, in an attempt to gather the information available and by following my intuition I managed to create an application rule for FileZilla by going to Firewall Tasks and Allow Application, after that in Application Rules and change Allow All Requests by going to Edit and copy from Ruleset > FTP Client.

Allow Access to Loopback Zone
Allow Outgoing FTP Connection Requests
Allow Outgoing FTP-PASV Requests
Allow Outgoing DNS Requests
Block and Log All Unmatching Requests

After doing this and adding FileZilla to trusted Apps I am able to connect to server, only it feels like something is missing? I understand that depending on Firewall Config. a Global Rule must be created additionally for FileZilla Client to connect, for now I have the default settings for Firewall and Internet security in Config. but would like to change to Proactive Mode and make Firewall more secure, will this have an effect on the way I´m currently connecting, and what would be the recommended configuration/setup of Firewall for secure FTP. I have looked into Chiron´s Article but maybe this is not the ideal setup for what I´m trying to do? I would really appreciate any help with this, using CIS Premium 7.0.317799.4142 by the way,

Thanks in advance!

If you changed your configuration, you would only have to re create the rules again for FileZilla, but your trusted files are kept. From what I know Proavtive security doesn’t really change much but rather it makes the program more user involved, by asking you for an action when a virus/unknown aoolication is active on your pc, rather than automatically taking action. Anyways it’s your choice, see more aboyt proactive security here:

Hello! Thanks for your feedback, for now i will stick with internet security, and maybe gradually experiment with the settings as i grow more comfortable with the application, i am a bit paranoid so i like to know whats going on but on the other hand prefer to work without so many interruptions, i understand that i have to create new rules and that trusted files are kept after reconfiguring, would these rules be created in the same way as before? Also i attempted to connect to server using SFTP on Port 22 and Comodo isolated the connection resulting in:

Error: fzsftp could not be started / Error: Could not connect to server

Comodo asked not to isolate again and checked the option, that seemed to work at first, only after seeing message The server’s host key is unknown. You have no guarantee that the server is the computer you think it is. Trust this host and carry on connecting?” with checkbox that says “Trust this host and carry on connecting” clicked ok (unchecked) an got this error:

Error: Connection closed by server with exitcode 1
Error: Could not connect to server

so at this point i double-checked server and SSH is enabled for SFTP, now i dont know if this is still a Firewall issue or server issue, was looking for some sort of exception, autocreated by Comodo but i guess i have to create a new rule myself for port 22? i would really appreciate any help with this,

Best regards!