CIS False Positives

I was sorry to see Boclean abandoned as a standalone app, but thought I’d give CIS a try. As you can see there were 17 false positives (VirusTotal), as well a none of these tagged by Avast.

Strange thing is that CIS even tagged one of COMODO’s file as suspect,
COMODO\Memory Guardian\test32.exe

Really need to work on the false positives…you know, the old story about always yelling fire. Boclean was a great product.


Ok, I’ve finally uninstalled and gave up on CIS. Too many false positives. Maybe when CIS matures, I’ll be back.

But thanks for trying!

I 100% agree. Sorry the only thing good about CIS is the Firewall and D+. Both my machines had about 12 fp’s. Also when a scan is complete the report is not clear. With Avira I have a clear and well made report to look at. My buddy installed CIS 509 and had 30 fp’s. :-TD

Vettetech, you are so funny. ;D

Were did NIS 2009 go ? 88) LOL, when CIS 4 comes out - you’ll be back again ;D

You obviously do not pay attention. I dumped NIS 2009 back in Dec or Jan. I clean infected pc’s for a second job and build them for a hobbie. I know what works and what doesn’t.

LOL. No he won’t! >:-D :P0l