CIS fails with Win7 XP Mode, unable to uninstall

I set my new Window 7 PC up with XP Mode and had success getting critical apps to run. MS advised that antivirus protection in Windows 7 does not protect Windows XP running in the XP Mode. I installed CIS based on great reviews, and that’s where my problems started. When I bring up the XP window and click on the CIS icon, a message says the process is hung initializing. Attempts to resolve the issue eventually result in a new message in the CIS window indicating that the firewall is not functioning properly. I am unable to uninstall CIS using any means I know of. I closed XP Mode and discovered problem with Windows 7, and ended up having to restore Win7 from a previous point and reinstall XP Mode and the Virtual PC from scratch. Unfortunately, when I launched XP Mode after MANY hours of recovery, CIS is still there and launches with the same problem when XP comes up. Through all this, XP Windows Security Center says the Virus Protection is Not Found. What can I do to get out of this situation? I saw a post referring to a way to clean up, but it relies on hitting F8 to enter the Safe Mode. This doesn’t seem to work with XP Mode. Help is appreciated!

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How did you install CIS? I have CIS on win 7 and it works like a charm :slight_smile:

try to use CIS Clean up tool in safe mode as admin.

after that try to install CIS as admin (no compability mode)

Valentin N

Thanks for a quick reply! Windows 7 and the XP Mode are totally new for me and I have a lot to learn. I have Norton 360 running in Windows 7 but needed AV software for XP running on a virtual machine. I installed CIS in XP and may have made a mistake enabling the firewall. In any case, it appeared to install successfully but hung up initializing every time I brought up the XP window. And things went downhill from there. I finally reloaded XP Mode and the VM but, alas, CIS still launched when I opened an XP window. After posting my request for help, I found a quick and painless procedure on the web for re-creating a fresh XP Mode environment and I’m back to where I was a couple of days ago, resolving my problem. Again, thank you for your reply.