CIS fails on Zemana anti-logger tests (key,screen,clipboard)!!!

I run Zemana anti-logger tests and CIS fail to stop them ???

Setings are:
Config: (Proactive security)
Def+ : (Safe mode) and unrecognized files on (untrusted)
Sandbox: (Enable)

It says: Scaned online and found safe
I try couple of additional setings and CIS always fails :frowning:

How to configure CIS to block key,screen,clip-loggers???

I guess it’s because they are trusted in the cloud.
When i previously did these tests CIS passed 100%of them.

Why they are trusted in the cloud when they simulated real logger?
I feel insecure after this test!

I have no idea, you have to ask whitelisting guys… :slight_smile:
I’ve sumitted them to be removed from WH and iwhtout effect as we can see.;msg538489#msg538489

OK thanks :wink:
I thought that my settings are not good!

I hope that this will be resolved as soon as possible!


The issue has been identified and a fix will be available soon.