CIS exclusions and Archos

in “Scan Exclusions” you can add devices to be ignored by CIS real time scan, like cd rom, pen drive…so you can see Recycle.Bin*, F:*, I:* and so on… ok!

Since my OS sees and opens without any problems the “Archos Oxygen 80” media player (portable device),

why it is unpossible to add it (i.e. the whole PMP) to CIS exclusions? so I have to wait a lot for virus scanning even if I add one photo only.
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PS: adding the generic “Multimedia Players” from the drop down menu is simply unuseful (or ignored?).
why the page is not ever updated? thanks.

c’è qualcuno?

It is an external device. It means it cannot be monitored continuously. That’s why it will be treated as insecure. However, if you add it to the AV exclusions it should be disregarded until you reboot the computer.

Unfortunately I cannot add it to AV exclusions (it were super).
Even if I’d prefer to get the device forever not monitored, since I add one photo made by my photocamera.

When you connect the device to the computer Windows will assign it a drive letter like f.e. h:\ . Add h:\ to the exclusions of the AV. It should exclude the device until Windows reboots.

No, Windows does not assign to Archos any drive letter.
Anyway I reboot every day, therefore I want to exclude it forever. It is really so difficult to tell to CIS “hey, never check my PMP, even if I just added a new photo made by me” ?


Could you check with Disk management if Windows assigns it a drive letter? Could you post a screenshot of Disk management with the Archos attached to your computer?

I checked with my iPhone and Windows Explorer will show it but checking with Disk Management shows that Windows did not assign a drive letter. I never noticed. :wink:

Hi, thanks for your reply, much appreciated.

Regarding Diskmanagement you are right.
It seems that Archos is called and seen by Windows as “Internal memory”.
Therefore CIS Exclusion Option sees it only as “folders and files” and not as a whole external device (like USB pen drive) nor as external HDD.
Are these the reasons why I cannot add it to be “fully ignored”?
Thanks a lot.
PS: screenshots:

The iPhone gets treated the same way and I tried if I could find a workaround but it failed for the iPhone .

The work around would be to temporarily store a *.exe file on the Archos. If that is possible you can try to make an exception rule for that file on your Archos. Once you made the exclusion you can edit the exclusion to look. like %path%* in stead of %path%\filename.exe.

Your finding makes an excellent wish to make CIS better. Please consider posting a wish in Wishlist - CIS following the Required Wish Format.

But keep in mind that CIS will only make an exclusion for an external device for the Windows session as I described.


very strange but if I copy your exe (uninstaller) from internal HDD2 called E:\ and I paste it into Archos, in CIS Exclusions I become a very unexpected path:
the same happens with Macrium Reflect installer and adwcleaner.exe.

You need to use resource monitor to see the file path that cavwp.exe is accessing when you access your Archos.

Here is the path:

why CIS sees the path as
how to reply to EricJH?

I don’t know but to set the exclusion, add a random file or folder then edit the entry to ARCHOS

I did it, but:

I would try an exclusion using *\ARCHOS.

Hi, unfortunately it did not work: *\ARCHOS\

I wanted to add one photo into Archos, and I had to wait…one minute for AV scanning “compulsory” process.

You need to have the wildcard after it too so that the exclusion contains all sub files and folders. *\ARCHOS* is what it you want.

I guess that I never will understand why after a reboot I have to wait one minute to allow CIS to scan Archos.
I really not understand the ratio of this choice made by CIS dev. Perhaps have the most users their PMP full of malwares?

EricJH wrote “…until you reboot the pc”. Why “until”? are there engeenering limitations? no other users want to remove this …“feature” or have they dodecacore, therefore they dont notice the additional time required by CIS compulsory device scan? I am very curious about the philosophy of this choice.
Why to add an exclusion if it is active for current session only?

Very fortunately exclusions with drive letters (F:, L:, I:) are mantained, respected and re-performed by CIS even after a PC shutdown.

Hi, I confirm with 6818 Archos PMP and I:\ (SD card) are always scanned :frowning: