CIS Email Protection

Just wondering if someone could explain to me how CIS 2011 free protects emails sent and received via MS Outlook 2010? Keep it simple.

I am worried that CIS will not give me the email protection that Avast gave me.

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Just like is explained under links provided by L.A.R. Grizzly, there is no infection until malicious software is executed. In my opinion, web and mail guards are useless. They’re not protecting you from anything more than file guard does. For example, if you download malicious program and execute it, file guard will detect it. No need for web guard. Same thing is with e-mails. Your PC won’t get infected, until you open infected attachment, from which one you will be protected by file guard, as well as you would be protected by mail guard. That’s why I love CIS. It has only important and needed modules.

I think atleast webguard is sometimes useful. Coz many a times a malware is detected by the AV but cannot quarantine or delete it or even after the said quarantine the threat runs or is found running in the system. So I guess webguard things are not that totally useless coz with webguard you dont have a chance to run the threat.


I once was a believer that all these other scanners were not required, but seriously would so many other companys spend mutiple $ and time to produce them just for publicity and marketing? I doubt it. Imo thier has to be some truth in that they help protect or otherwise alot of $ and time are wasted. I have trust in Comodo saying they are not required (and see where they are coming from with there reasons), but just lately I do wonder. Just take a look at the number of Security companies still producing the likes of e-mails scanners, web guards etc. Kind regards

In general this is true (and is probably the reasoning behind captainsticks post). However, with CIS anything downloaded from the internet will automatically have restrictions placed on it because of the sandbox. Thus it can’t embed itself in the system and avoid removal.

I hope this helps.

Hi Chiron. Would a system with sandbox disabled still be dangerous, if a web guard and email scanner were present? Thanks

Web guard and email scanners are both only as effective as their signatures.

With the sandbox disabled in CIS I’m not sure how effective it would be. I know the code has changed since it has been implemented, but I’m not sure as I always leave the sandbox enabled. I’m happy with it. ;D Thus I would advise leaving it active.

Thanks Chiron. All advice is good advice. Kind regards

Sandbox and Defense + components are supposed to give extra protection.

They are not AntiMalware components and we can not just ignore a strong AntiMalware module, just because we have D+, Sandbox.

People often tend to disable D+ and Sandbox for may reasons (During Installations etc.,), still leaving Antivirus On, Which is what most people like me the AntiMalware component of CIS.

So, I strongly feel the Webprotection and Mail Protection are required in AntiMalware component of CIS.

We should prefer to prevent malware from entering the system, rather than just stopping it from execution and keeping it in system until it tries to execute.

I don’t find webscanner bad but email scanner is nothing but waste of resources and as long as the malware is not run by the users or self executive nothing will happen.

D+ is apart of CIS and if you get infected because you disabled d+ it’s your fault and not CIS. CIS is not hard to handle if you take your time to explore.

We must care about our digital health as we do with our real health.

Valentin N