CIS effects Fn keys????????????

Hi all.

Having some trouble with my Fn keys, caps lock, num lock and scroll lock keys, CIS seems to be effecting them. Usually when i press the caps lock key for example it will show on the screen a locked or unlocked padlock with the letter A on it, showing whether caps lock is on or not, num lock and scroll lock are similar.
For some reason when CIS is installed this is disabled. The same thing happens when i change volume through Fn + up or down arrow, and sometimes the volume wont change at all.

If anyone could point me to an appropriate thread or shead any light on the problem that would be much appreciated. ;D

P.S im using Windows 7 64 bit if that helps

You have some software ruling these keys (when “ordinary people” hit “Caps Lock”, nothing happens on the screen).

This software is intercepted by defense+ keyboard and monitor protection.

If you did not specify such a rule yourself, it means that it is a default cis rule: in these conditions, you would need to set cis to proactive and defense+ to paranoid mode, image execution set to normal and everything checked, so as to be asked and allow these keyboard and monitor actions.