CIS & Dragon conflict

I had Comodo Internet Security version 4.0.138377.779 installed on my pc, window 7 Home premium. So I decided I uninstall it and install the lastest version. Only after uninstallation to find out that all my Comodo Dragon browser preferences, extensions, bookmarks… in short the entire profile had been deleted.

As I recall, I installed both programs seperately, so why should CIS be intereferring with my Dragon settings. Totally not Cool. :-TD

Sorry you are having this problem

You may have inadvertently installed into the sandbox first time. Devs are working on an alert to warn users not to do this. It may not be easy to unscramble…

Can you tell us the sequence in which you installed versions of CIs4 and dragon?

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Well in regards to the sequence, the first thing I always install after a fresh installation is
#1 - CIS. I can’t say I installed Dragon soon after awards, but CIS is usually the first thing
as far as I recall.

It seems possible that you have at some stage installed into the sandbox.

To confirm this look in the hidden folder C:\VritualRoot\dragon.exe\HarddiskVolume2\Program Files\COMODO\Dragon for any executable files.

Also look in a sub folder of vritualroot (mis-spelling intentional) for the dragon bookmarks file, and see if you can see any lost bookmarks. (It is a text file). Likely location is: C:\VritualRoot\dragon.exe\HarddiskVolume2\Documents and Settings\Michael\Local Settings\Application Data\Comodo\Dragon\User Data\Default

If this is confirmed then we will have to work out how to disentangle it.

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Thanks for the assistance, but after the incident, I chose not to upgrade to the latest CIS as I earlier intended. So I’m pretty unguarded at the moment ??? (weighing my choices) and I’m sure those locations in your post are no longer existent

Thankfully, I usually backup my bookmarks using a number of ways, so retrieving them wasn’t a problem.
I was simply trying to bring the bug to light, if indeed it is a bug.

Just for the sake of the bug report, if you could carry out the checks above it would be helpful.

(It’s difficult to fix bugs if you cannot diagnose the cause).

N. B. CIS may not delete the vritualroot directory, when you uninstall CIS.

Also if you could add the details requested here it would be appreciated.

Best wishes