CIS downloads the full light database instead of incremental updates

Just did a manual update check and Comodo re(?)downloaded about 150 MB of database updates? Anyone know why? Signature was at 33563 before and still is. Web DB is now at 61108.

Not sure why that happened. CIS will download the full database approx every 3-4 weeks. When checking the versioninfo.ini file it shows maxbase 33459. That means that the latest available full database is 33459. It will only download the full database when the difference with the installed version number is 150. Can you double check with the Tasks logs that the installed database was 33563?

If it was 33563 then what happened is not expected. Please keep us posted if the problem reoccurs.

Hello, according to the CIS logs, the db version installed this morning was 33561. It then was updated to 33563. That’s why it’s weird that it would redownload the whole db. FYI, I completely removed and reinstalled CIS yesterday due to issues with it crashing (I posted a thread about that in the bug reports section). But after installation yesterday, I immediately updated the database. No idea what is happening here. Should I be worried? Tbh, CIS has some strange quirks and the recent crashing doesn’t improve my trust in the reliability of the software either.

EDIT: So the ~150 MB download is the light version, the full db download is ~500MB. Still confused as to why it would download the light one at all… Could it be that it failed to download the full db after the reinstallation? But why did it show the db as current then? Questions without answers 88)

Did you send the crash report to Comodo?

As to why the full database got redownloaded I have no explanation. It may have been a hiccup in the process of changing the infrastructure. If that is the case I would expect other people to also witness it unless it was a short lived hiccup.

Can you check the CIS dumps folder (C:\ProgramData\Comodo\CisDumps) and see if a crash preceded the redownload? Could you also let Windows check the integrity by running checkdisk just to have bases covered?

Regarding the crashes, I created a bug report:
No crash preceeded the db update. I will now run sfc, dism and chkdsk to see if there are any problems. Will update the post afterwards.

Manual update and CIS downloaded the 150MB file again ??? DB was already current: 33564

SFC: No problems
DISM: No problems
CHKDSK: No problems

Last two manual updates were successful, incremental only. Signatures now at version 33566.

Glad to hear things seem to be returning to normal for you. I split off your posts from the other topic and made it a separate topic because I wasn’t sure your situation was related.