CIS doesn't remember that I don't need geekbuddy.

Whenever CIS detects a malware for the first time (unless “don’t show alerts” is checked), it asks the user if (s)he wants help from tech support, or try to handle the malware him \ herself. You can use “remember this answer” check box, to tell CIS not to bother you with this question next time. But after restart CIS will ask the user again, if malware is detected.

I’m sure this bug was reported before, but as of v. it is still present.

Yes. Checking “Do not show this again” does not make it go away permanently.

Nag screen to cajole user into purchasing Geek Buddy service.

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You can always uninstall GeekBuddy if you don’t want it.

Pop-up at malware detection is still there though, just annoying.

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I will move this one to “Resolved” section.
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