CIS does not clean it's self entirely from system after uninstall

I have checked my registry after uninstalling CIS and using the “Removal tool” and see many CIS traces left over. For example, CIS.cisCwatchintegration; CIS.cisUrlFltIntegration; and CIS.cisCCeintegration, just to name a few.

Why is Comodo not properly removing it’s keys after uninstall?? I have seen this on both of my systems I found that they keys are remnants.

I have attached screenshots of cleanups I’ve done searching the registry with Auslogics registry cleaner.

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CIS is just one of many thousands of Windows software products that don’t properly remove all traces of themselves when uninstalled which is why dozens of uninstaller programs exist (e.g. Revo Ununstaller, Geek Uninstaller). There are many references to this problem in this forum because sometimes the left-over traces cause problems when trying to re-install CIS. There is a CIS cleanup utility available but it is NOT officially supported by Comodo and I gather from other posts that it does not always work successfully.

Given the many posts about CIS installation and un-installation problems I believe that a fully supported CIS cleanup tool should be created and maintained by Comodo. Many of the other reputable security software companies have one for their software!

Unfortunately programs like Revo and Geek Uninstaller would not have removed the “CIS.cis” keys in my first post, I do agree that Comodo definitely needs to make a tool available for users to effectively clean CIS from their computers for a better reinstall.

Hi Netguy101,
I do agree that the mentioned entries remain after CIS is uninstalled, but I also think they are benign entries in regards to re-installation.

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Here are some more keys found in the registry by searching for “ICIS”, the results are surprising, what is ComodoGroup doing to our computers? No wonder users report issues reinstalling CIS.

Also I did use the “CIS removal tool” available here on the forums.

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I’ve attached more images of key’s I’ve found during my registry search. Can anyone comment as to why Comodo removes it’s self so poorly and doesn’t offer and official tool to clean it’s self? Maybe incomplete code is the uninstaller? A fault in Microsoft’s installer? Either way, these key’s are bound to cause some sort of issue and Comodo needs to address this problem.

I know programs leave remnats after uninstall, but as you can see from the images, Comodo leaves a lot of clutter, not easily detected by registry cleaners such as Ccleaner or auslogics, unless you know what your looking for.

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Uninstall of version is bugged. There is a problem that needs to be addressed.

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Hi Netguy101,
Not saying the leftovers are right or wrong, but sometimes there is misconception about Windows registry.
The registry is huge and left over entries from uninstallation is miniscule compared to the overall picture.
Remaining entries will not cause any significant system performance issues as the registry is not accessed sequentially and the only program calling the obsolete keys is now removed from the system.

However continual removal of keys/entries will cause registry fragmentation, registry fragmentation can possibly cause performance issues if it becomes severe.
A lot of software will leave harmless registry keys behind intentionally, especially software that is updated regularly.
Reason being with the assumption that an updated version of the program will be re-installed updating the keys in the process.
Updating existing keys causes less fragmentation than removal and rewriting new keys.

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Edit: Spelling correction.

If CIS uninstall only leaves “benign” entries in the registry how do you explain the many posts in this forum from people who are unable to re-install CIS? Re-installation problems are why a fully supported cleanup utility is necessary - unless of course Comodo doesn’t care about losing users!

Hi MartiusD,
I can’t explain why some users are having re-installation issues, even though I have never had such issues I have still been trying to help find the cause of this.
I don’t see any evidence that the left over registry entries are the cause and I really think we are barking up the wrong tree in thinking they are IMO.
If anyone can solve the issues some users are having with re-installing CIS, please post the steps required.


Edit: I am more than happy to be proven wrong about this, as long as we can find the cause of the re-installation issues.

Hi Guys,

Development reviewed the post and we confirm the bug. We will be fixing the issue with the next additional hotfix release which will be done by the beginning of June.

For your kind attention.

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Hi BuketB,
Can you guys confirm that the left over keys in this case are related to re-installation issues on some systems?
Or is that another issue?


Thank you BuketB, your collecting of user feedback will definitely make CIS a better product. :slight_smile:


gets left over after any version 8 uninstallation and prevents re-install . This key also become unremovable from the registry.

Hi ghostza,
Thank you for replying to my question. :-TU
I can totally understand why this entry could potentially cause issues, as it is obviously ‘installer’ related and not just a settings related entry.

Thanks from Captainsticks.

Edit: I have one question though, if you haven’t successfully removed the entry or re-installed CIS how can we be certain it is the cause?

Hello captainsticks,

As far as I get from R&D, this issue doesn’t relate to re-installation. CIS installer lefts these keys in the registry after uninstallation.

For your information


Hello Netguy101,

Thank you ! And Thank all of our users! Me and our team will be tracking every feedback from your side. Our users and the feedbacks are precious for us.

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@ Captainsticks

if i remove this key manualy before rebooting the uninstallation then reinstall is posible. If not you have to go and install any other AV as CIS does not install again “error 1603”.

Thanks ghostza,
That is good information to know.
Take ownership of the stubborn key will probably allow for removal.


It does not allow “Take ownership” to remove the key.