CIS Deleted Critical Files

I know it’s my fault for not checking the entries in depth before hitting “Clean” button, but CIS just deleted several important files I need back.

What happened is this: I’ve been running without a virus scan and only using an adware remover every few months or so without a hitch on WinXp SP3 because I only visit safe sites and game with this machine and always want max performance. However, I recently had one of those fake AV programs install itself that tells you you are infected and need to buy it. It messed with alot of stuff on my pc. I went ahead and downloaded Comodo Internet Security on this machine as I use it on my laptop (which is always on alot of different wifi connections) and liked it alot. It removed the program immediately (thankfully!). But it left over some stuff like whenever I search with Google and click the google hit link for anything 75% of the time I’ll be redirected to another ad site (DNS trojan I think). So I did a complete scan. It did find some stuff but I was surprised to see a few scan entries. SO I hit the clean button.

However, it detected my wireless network card drivers as Heur.Suspicious and deleted them. It also detected a program called Rkill as Heur.Suspicious and deleted it (It’s a malware REMOVER). It deleted a file I use when installed Windows 2000 called Vistapack which transforms 2000 into Windows Vista (very well and makes it run faster) because it said it was Worm.Win32.AutoIT.~NUP@87254575 but I used to know the guy who made it and I’ve never had it report as a worm in any other scanner for years. I can’t find this file online anymore and can’t contact the author. I’d like to get it back. It also deleted Abel.dll from the prgoram Cain and Abel which is a network privacy tool saying it was Application.Win32.PWCrack.A@76502902.

I really need these files back. Is there anyway to get them back from within Comodo Internet Security?

If you have quarantined the file, then you can retrieve. Otherwise, I hope you have not disabled Windows System Restore.


It’s always safer to send a file to Chest and allow further investigation or restore it than direct deletion.

Another program that replaces System Restore with a lot of advantage is Comodo Time Machine.

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