CIS Defense+ not blocking program installations

When I first started using Comodo (almost 3 years ago) I felt that CIS provides rock solid security with proper configuration and now with this ver 4.0.141842.828 CIS let anything get installed (from vendors that are not in the safe list) without a single pop-up.

My configuration:

  • Proactive security
  • Sandbox: Enabled
  • Defense+: Safe mode
  • Firewall: Safe mode (now changed to custom policy mode)
  • Antivirus: On access
    PC: Windows 7 64-bit

While going thru CIS settings/options they sounds like similar to ver 3.x so I don’t know what am I missing…

On a related note, firewall was not displaying any pop-ups either but after reading this thread ( I’ve changed firewall configuration and now I’m getting few pop-ups.

Many thanks in advance, any help is greatly appreciated.

I’m not running version 4.x yet, but as I understand it, with the sandbox enabled it’s just going to allow things to install. Any unknown applications are going to be sandboxed so they can’t harm your system.

Since you’re running in proactive configuration, if you disable the sandbox I believe you’ll get the same behavior you’re used to with 3.x.

Yes, the sandbox is supposed to automatically recognize installers and updaters and allow them to run. Disabling the sandbox should allow D+ to function like it did in v3.

HeffeD and Dch48

many thanks for the replies. As you suggested I disabled the sandbox, restarted the PC and tried to install a program and yes defense+ pop-up did ask for permission. Though I did notice few differences in ver 4.0:

1, after selecting “treat this application as - installer or updater”, the second window used to pop-up asking to change CIS to installation mode has gone, and
2, the option to mark any application as “trusted” has gone too…

oops, i just got the option to mark plugin-container.exe (Firefox app) as trusted application. So I guess some times you do get that option :slight_smile:

Version 4.x no longer has installation mode because it is supposed to automatically recognize an installation has begun.

Thanks again.