CIS crashes every 2 days

this version:

Windows XP pro SP3
this is very peculiar. I had this going for about 2 months. I would start my computer, everything will run fine for 2 days (from what i can tell it’s something like 52 hours) then CIS would crash from unexplainable cause. it could be when the computer is on idle, while i’m doing something. it happens at no particular action from my side. happened EVERY TIME NO EXCEPTION. until i’ve decided to uninstall/reinstall the program which proved helpful but only for the first restart of the computer (the restart after the installation), then after about 6 days i’ve restarted the computer again, and 2 days later, the program crashed once again and this whole thing started again.

not only does it crash, it basically freezes the computer from doing anything. every program i try to start hangs, programs and windows i try to close also hang, and i’m forced to reset the computer from the reset button on the case. The comodo icon on the task bar remains there and as far as i can tell, all of its processes are still running.

just help. please.

Can you check in Event Viewer if Windows logged crashing of cmdagent.exe or cfp.exe?

Also, can you check the D+ logs (View Defense + Events) and post a screenshot of them? May be there is a clue there.

nothing in event viewer.
here’s the D+ log. the latest entry was when i installed a game, yesterday. Emily.exe is my UPS program. (which i’ve installed about a month after these crashes even started)

I see three alerts logged by D+ about Dr Watson. What happens when you terminate Dr Watson with Task Manager? Can you try next time it happens again?

When you successfully terminate Dr Watson see if cmdagent.exe and cfp.exe are still running. Make sure you have Task Manager set to show processes of all users.

not sure what you mean. drwtsn32 only exists when trying to close a hanged or non responsive program, it doesn’t exist all the time. and if you mean to try and close it after comodo has crashed, i’ve already stated that everything is unstable when trying to close processes, that includes the task manager.

Thanks for reporting back. Apparently things are so unstable you cannot close down Dr Watson.

Not sure what is going on on your system. I am going to ask various things about your system. I may end up asking you to file a bug report.

For now I am very much interested in what other security programs you have on your computer. Which one(s) run in the background if any? Are there utility tools that could interfere with networking?

there are no other security programs. I’ve just recently (a week ago) installed Spybot, but that’s that. notice that even if after a day i restart just CIS (close it, then activate it again), it doesn’t change the ‘timer’ of the eventual crash. it’s always about 2 days from the moment Windows started. The problem definitely lies with whatever you did in an update about 3 months ago (I had a thread about how it won’t stop bugging me for updates and later in the thread i described the crashing. please note that i turned off the automatic checking for updates since then), so something about that update messed things up for me.

Is your current install a clean installation or an upgrade installation from a previous version? In case of a clean install; did you import a configuration from your previous version?

I don’t know if you call it ‘clean’ but i closed the program, uninstalled it, restarted, then reinstalled. and no i didn’t import config,

just thought I’ll add the crash error window, maybe it’ll help… something.

every 2 days, man. every 2 days…

This is too much for me to troubleshoot. Please consider filing a bug report in the Bug Reports - CIS board following the format as described in FORMAT & GUIDE - just COPY/PASTE it!.

just wanna let you know that the crashes went away after i disabled the AV’s automatic virus definition update. so now you know the source >:-D, do with it what you will.

Hi Mataku. I am not saying this would fix your problem, but I would consider doing a fresh install of the latest version to see if the problem goes away. Kind regards. Check link.

If the problem persists after a clean installation pease consider filing a bug report in the Bug Reports - CIS board following the format as described in FORMAT & GUIDE - just COPY/PASTE it!.