CIS corrupting performance settings

I’ve installed CIS on a couple of XP machines, everything’s up to date, and when booting the Desktop Appearance settings are sometimes messed up; i normally run my machines with minimal or “performance” appearance settings, but CIS frequently causes them to revert back to the horrible Luna theme on bootup - nasty blue/green taskbar, blue window borders etc. etc.

It doesn’t happen every boot, maybe 1 in 3, but it’s a pain i could do without. I’ve checked the correspondong registry keys - they’re all fine, and established that unistalling CIS gets rid of the issue.

I’m otherwise happy with the package so would like to get this ironed out…

I solved a similar problem by changing a registry key (and I forgot to report 88)):

This allows your GUI to fully start before COMODO. However, this also reduces your security, as COMODO starts a little bit later.