CIS Constantly doing whatever it pleases!!

I have a very irritating issue with CIS. I have it all setup to exclude certain folders and certain apps as they are custom built by me and other people I trust.

All the the setting’s are in place then all of a sudden the app decides it will contain, block or whatever it please to do at random times? then half the time i have to keep reinstalling the contained app to get it to work again, then setup the exclusion’s again then the app will again decide it will ignore the param’s and stop me from using the app… this is becoming really annoying now and do not want to stop using this as it is a very good IS app to use…

Any thoughts as to why its ignoring the settings I have put in place? Telling me the app is unsafe even though I add it to the trusted list?

Are you referring to actions by the AV?

Do these custom built apps change? Are they being actively developed?

Do the custom apps call components that are stored outside of the excluded folders?

Some apps that I am developing, and some that have been finished and do not change. But yes it mainly the AV that goes “Rogue” on me ignoring the param’s set up. Each program that does not change and is finished has exclusions for files and folder’s. Each time I edit or recompile my own apps I update the exclusion’s before I test and run the app for testing.

Everything is in excluded folders and do not call for files outside these folders, everything is in the excluded folders. From what I can tell it seems to have issue’s with programs for encryption and decryption of files, which I can understand because of the nature of the tools it self.< False positives… ?

But why its ignoring files that I have told the app are trusted and excluded all files and folders for is baffling my head. What I have had to do till i can find a solution for this is resume using Window’s Defender <which is ■■■■ btw compared to this AV & IS app. And disable all functions in the app apart from being able to monitor my network traffic in real time.

If it helps I am using Internet Security Premium 11 < Free version.

I have used the repair function and found no errors to fix, so I am wondering if a full uninstall followed by install, then setup all the Exclusion’s, trusted file’s again…???

Could you check the logs of the AV and Containment events to see if there are clues to what is happening. Is the AV set to automatically quarantine or set to alert the user?


Could you please check your Inbox for private message and provide the requested logs for further investigation.