CIS connects back to Comodo at every boot/login?

Anyone else seeing this? I have everything turned off in the Update tab. Why would this be necessary? I am very disappointed… :cry:

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How about updating virus signatures… 88)


Only the firewall and D+ were installed. Plus, I have all auto updating turned off. Does this mean the AV still runs anyway? I already have NOD32.

What makes this worse to me is that I’m on dialup and it brings up a dialup connection box as soon as the boot/login finishes. Not goodl…

No it doesn’t mean the AV is running, and it’s not… You have nothing to worry about!! :slight_smile:


You are to paranoid, it could be fetching white lists for Defence+ and Comodo Firewall standalone has the on-demand scanner (Well, it did).

You are to paranoid
Perhaps, I can't say you're wrong about that. ???

But this is new behavior for the Comodo Firewall. (Version 3.0 did not do this.) It happens every boot/login with ALL updates turned off. Nothing should be updating or communicating. All I’m asking is what (why) is it doing it and how can I turn it off? So far, everyone feels it’s related to updating. What I’m trying to point out is that with all auto updating turned off, that cannot be correct… or there is a major league bug. Which if so, needs to be addressed.

I get 2 connection attempts blocked every time becaue of firewall rules I use for Comodo. They even get counted as intrusion attempts blocked.

The IP address belongs to so presumably if you have paid for CIS Pro or signed up for the trial, you’ll get logged on and receive the hands-on support services. :-La

I can understand where your comming from HAN and I agree with you.
This is bad for dial-up users, Even if he is using the “Pro” version there is no need to communiate to the server until he requests it, Right?

Exactly. And besides that, I’m just nosy why it’s doing it. And if there is a way to stop it. (I’m using the free version.) Please don’t misunderstand. I think the Comodo firewall is an excellent tool. One of the very best, paid or not. But if it’s doing something that seems out of character, I’d like to understand what it’s doing…

I agree it is not needed to start up the dial up connection. Comodo should wait until the internet connection is established by the user.

Did this also happen with the Comodo firewall? I can’t tell as I am a ADSL user but I don’t recall having seen reports about in the past.

yes i would like to know the exact explanation as well.

And not the ‘you’re paranoid’ or ‘nothing to worry about, laddy’ stuff.

Has it anything to do with the new eula paragraphs on ‘info sharing’ etc…?

Melih maybe?


All blocked connections count as intrustion attempts, even though they’re not.

As for why CIS needs to connect to at every boot, I think it would be better to wait for an answer from Melih, or another Comodo employee, instead of speculating.

No it didn’t. I’m running as I type this and it doesn’t bring up the connection box like 3.5 does. (I’ve rolled back via a disc image until we can learn a bit more.)

So outbound counts as intrusion attempt? My English must not be so good. It is then count of all in+out blocks?

Yes. Every single blocked connection (both outgoing and incoming) counts as a intrusion attempt, while I myself think that it could have said something else instead of intrusion attempt.

Hi Guys,

This is something related to COMODO Internet Security Pro subscription. CFP.exe was NOT supposed to check for subscription status for every user and for everytime it is started. But there seems to be a bug which causes this issue everytime CFP.exe starts. We have already scheduled the fix for this tuesday.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Will Comodo also stop counting out connections as intrusions? That is incorrect for intrusion detection system definition.

Thank you very much for the info. I really appreciate it!

Don’t be sorry. (:HUG)