CIS Configuration Scope? (Offline app updating 4.x > 4.x)

If I export a CIS configuration, are ALL user settings saved i.e. AV, FW, D+?, SB… whatever?

Due to having a pseudo high-speed connection (512kbps, and only if I get up early!) and multiple machines it’s just not sensible for me to let Comodo update the CIS application on-line. Therefore whenever a new version is released I want to download it once and install manually on several machines.

Annoyance: it won’t update in-place and retain settings, thus I need to uninstall / reinstall and manually copy a recent bases.cav (so far so good), but then to avoid starting from scratch with custom permissions etc., I want to save a configuration from each machine and restore it to the new version. Will that restore all custom settings?

Or is there a better way to do this?

Obviously I would be thrilled if the new version would simply update an existing version in-place, at least in the same major series e.g. 4.x to 4.x. Maybe this is possible from the command line with a switch or something? (Hopeful.) If not, I’ll post this as a wish list item.

Heh heh… I’m betting most folks working for Comodo have never experienced a slow connection in their short lives. :wink:

Aside from maintaining my home network, I’m the volunteer admin for a little rural computer lab, where they don’t even have a pseudo high-speed connection. (Shared dial-up!!) I’d like to switch them from their current security software to Comodo but I need a smooth process for periodically updating manually.

At the risk of answering my own question, the help file certainly implies that this should work, i.e. that the configuration saves all.

I was a bit disturbed when I began getting sandbox alerts on stuff I’d previously indicated as safe, but in retrospect I think that was before I imported settings on the new install. My bad.

It looks like I oughta be golden…