CIS Charrette - Firewall Alert

Hi, I really appreciate a lot of work done for this. Really impressive [s]but I hope such pop up alerst are not default in CIS.

Most of users will need simple and easily configurable alerts with granular control a bit hidden for power users. KISS-- Keep it simple stupid.

I used to tweak n tweak the … HIPS rules but in the end I became tired. It was a never ending mission with each new version, new install etc. I am now using CIS in default settings with few pop up alerts and still feel comfortable.

Regardless, the thought and care you put into your design proposals are very much appreciated by the entire community - users and devs alike.

You make us think!! :-TU

Ewen :slight_smile:

Thank you. :slight_smile:

Really impressive but I hope such pop up alerst are not default in CIS.


I am now using CIS in default settings with few pop up alerts and still feel comfortable.

There is almost no difference between the proposed alert and the current alert for novice users. All I really did was give the recommendation it’s own field, so it wouldn’t be buried in the ‘considerations’ text, and added a field that would tell the user how much risk is involved (in a single word). I’m not sure what it is you’re finding so complicated about the new design, when you say you’re comfortable with the current one.

Let’s hope so!

And thank you also. :slight_smile:

Hi, I am sorry. Alerts you posted here are simple I agree.

I posted in wrong thread in hurry. I was referring to these alerts.

Just some tweaks.

The one big change is that now there’s an extra option to launch the firewall behavior settings window from the alert, and then reload the alert according to those new settings. This will allow the user to change alert settings on the fly.


One more thing: Anyone thinks that uses the same firewall alerts window in antivirus alerts will produce a better user experience at all? Firewall’s alert still more beatiful than Antivirus’ alert :wink:


I put it on my to-do list :slight_smile:

I have voted yes! :slight_smile: +1 and :-TU for the idea

Valentin N

Voted Yes - I like it very much especially the Connection Details tab.
Suggestion - A merging of ‘Address & Port’ to : 80 (http). This simplifies interface and saves space.

→ I wanted a way to easily add more general rules when the Alert Level is set to ‘Very High’ while keeping some information.

So I just posted a wish with some screenshots: Firewall Alert - Very High

Oh hey! I didn’t see that you posted here when I replied to your thread.

Thanks for the vote. As for your suggestion. I actually had been considering doing that early on, but didn’t for a couple reasons. The explanation field on the considerations tab is about the right size, despite the message I used being pretty short. Anything smaller wouldn’t fit a scroll wheel very well. So, the alert is about as compressed as I’d want it to be in that respect. It should be compatible with netbook screens. Last I checked the image size it worked. The other reason is that I wanted space to fit port names comfortably in the field. Plus, now with ipv6, I think it’d be nice to show both the unabbreviated and abbreviated addresses side by side.

Other things I’m thinking about for the next iteration are…

That tab I talked about in your thread, that would allow the user to live-tune alert frequency. However, I think I may call the tab “Precision.”

I also think it may be in the novice user’s interest to have the predefined policy drop down always showing, however, I’m not yet sure how to make it novice-friendly.

I’m also considering moving the additional options into a tab. So the alert wouldn’t have to expand or contract jarringly like it would currently.

All together that makes four tabs. I’m thinking… “Summary” “Details” “Precision” “More”

I think that the interface with the 4 tabs you proposed (Summary, Details, Precision, More) is very nice as it would be more user friendly.

Not to forget that my personal interest is the = Precision tab :wink:

Alright. I’ve laid down the foundation for the new design. Next up, mock-ups for each tab!

I like what you are doing!

Valentin N

Sorry Focusar. I lied.

I didn’t like what I’d come up with, so I took another stab at the basic window layout. I think this is way more space efficient, simple, and direct. My only problem with it is that the work-flow is right to left, which is weird.

So now, I promise. The next thing I do will be the precision tab. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you Valentin :slight_smile:

your welcome :slight_smile: :-TU

The new windows are here!

Focusar, I realized the slider was removing functionality from your idea, so I made it a bit more like your original suggestion.

Looks awsome! this is something Comodo should take and use :slight_smile: I wish Melih has something to say.

Valentin N

ok, seems nice. :slight_smile:

im really liking what u have come up with here
Great job
this would really make people happy if comodo used this

i just had one small change to the button layout
remove “… this connection.” after the allow and block buttons
it is redudant since this is a firewall alert is for internet connections
i attatched a modified version of your attached pics of what i mean

keep up the great work

EDIT: i made another version i changed the buttons to the ones cis uses and moved things around
tell me what u think

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