CIS causing 'program has stopped working' error

I’ve uninstalled & reinstalled CIS (3.13.120477.573) twice now with the same results both times. Programs that run fine when CIS is removed generate the ‘program has stopped working’ Windows error when it’s installed.

This started about three weeks ago. I contacted the vendor (Spintop Games) who suggested possible conflict with my AV/Firewall. So (checking the programs between each step), I updated CIS, disabled AV/Firewall/Defense+, set up the program as a Trusted Application, and reinstalled the program. All with no success.

Finally, tonight, I uninstalled CIS. Eureka! The programs ran!. Then I reinstalled it, went thru the startup configuration (i.e. allowing/blocking various programs that try to run at startup), and found that the games had quit running again. Uninstalled CIS again & the games ran. Reinstalled CIS but tested the games prior to even rebooting-and they’d quit. So something CIS installs is interfering with the programs.

What is is? It’s certainly not something I chose to block as this last time I hadn’t even rebooted to finish the CIS installation-much less responded to any prompts. Unless there might have been some rules left behind when I uninstalled it?

The error is always the same. From Windows (Vista). Not from the game, not from CIS, but from Windows.
“(program) has stopped working”. Very frustrating as it gives no further information. Not “Program is not responding” but “(program) has stopped working”.

And CIS appears to be causing it. Why?

What’s the name and version of the Game?
Are you on Windows Vista 32 or 64 bit?
Does it use some sort of game protection?

Do you have any other security software installed?

It happens on a lot of them. One is Yahtzee but I’ve been checking other games from Spintop too. So far I’ve found over 40 games to which this happens. Strangely, it doesn’t happen to any of those games on my XP machine. Same version of CIS. No other security software. Both 32-bit.

I initially thought it was Vista as this occurred shortly after SP2 was installed. But since the games work when CIS is removed it’s obviously something with CIS. (Maybe, since the games work with CIS under XP, something CIS does differently under Vista?)

Sorry but i can’t reproduce this on Win7.

Only thing that you can try is to set D+ permanent disabled via GUI, Defense+, Advanced, Settings

Deactivate D+ Permanently

The best feature of Comodo is Defense+. If the best solution to problems is to disable it then I see no reason to keep it at all. Is this the best Comodo can do?

I find it extremely frustrating that nobody seems to know what causes this error. It seems to be reported with quite a bit of different software & in each case people offer solutions without explaining what’s causing it. IMO, if you don’t know what’s causing it then you don’t really have a solution, you just have a guess.

Ronnie-do you work for Comodo? If not, does Comodo support bother to check these forums at all? Do they even know what problems people are having with their software?

It’ll take some time, but it sounds like I need to look at some competing products. Thanks.

Hi Calvin,

No i don’t work for Comodo, I’m just trying to help/find out what is causing this issue…

Thanks. Sort of what I figured as your suggestions sounded as if, like me, you’re figuring out ‘what happened’ based on experience & analogy. Support techs would have access to the programmers who can really explain what’s happening-it’s why it’s so important for companies to have employees representing them on their support forums. Which, it appears, Comodo doesn’t have.

Thanks for you help. It doesn’t seem to have worked out, but I appreciate the information. Maybe, with time, I’ll figure out what’s going on. Either that or I’ll find a program that does as good a job of monitoring as CIS, but without the problems. Not sure which will happen first.

Well there are some developers online but they are more active on other products to be honest.
If there is no solution i would do the same… uninstall and move on to the next product…

Check back if version 4 is released to see if you still like it :wink: