CIS causing explorer.exe to quit responding

Every time I install CIS then reboot my computer my explorer.exe quits responding. When I try to run explorer.exe through the Task Manager, the Task Manager fails to respond as well. Some programs load up in the background, but there is no explorer.exe. I used the system restore to go back to a point before I installed CIS and when I rebooted everything was fine.

If you don’t mind, can you please try reinstalling CIS by following the advice I give in this post and see if the problem occurs again? Doing so may be able to solve your problem.

Also, do you have any security software currently installed on your system?
Did you in the past have any other security products, if so which ones?


Followed the steps in the post and still got the same results. I used to have ZoneAlarm but I removed it before installing CIS. I have tried about four or five times to try to get CIS installed on my computer now. I am running Windows 7 HP at the moment.

This may be a bug. Would you mind making a bug report for this in this section of the forum? Be sure to follow the format provided in this post.

When it quits working does it give you a blank grey screen right after logging in and the task manager crashes when ever you try to do something like killing a process? And you can’t start explorer.exe cause it crashes? Do you have win 7 64-bit?