CIS cannot be downloaded and installed in Asia

The server located in the UK is too bad. The Asian region simply cannot download CIS via cispremium_installer :cry:

Hello squareas,

Thank you for reporting.We are checking in it.
Could you confirm your exact location of your issue.Because you are reported an issue in the Asian region but your location shows US-New jersey.
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I’m using a http proxy, so the address appears to be in the US, and my actual network is in China.

Also, has China’s mirror acceleration service been cancelled? It is almost impossible to install or update CIS. To download CIS, you must provide an offline installation package. To update CIS, you must use a proxy server, or the update will fail. IPs in the UK always lose packets.

You should add the proxy function in cispremium_installer. Otherwise, downloading in Asia is almost impossible.

Hello squareas,

We will check this and I have forwarded this to the corresponding team members for further investigations.

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Locked for double posting.

Hello squareas,

The issue has been fixed so could you please check and confirm that.

Unable to download without any progress.