CIS Bugs - A crash has been detected pop up & my weekly full scan aborts

CIS Product Version

From yesterday I started to experience 2 problems - A crash has been detected pop up & my weekly full scan aborts.

This has not happened before and the only change regarding my pc has been the latest Microsoft windows update to ‘version 20H2’ performed on Thursday this week:

Edition Windows 10 Pro
Version 20H2
Installed on 26/‎06/‎20
OS build 19042.630
Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.31.0

I have so far done the following to try and rectify the problems:

I allowed CIS to automatically submit its crash detected report
Uninstalled CIS using the latest version of the removal tool
Installed the latest version of CIS
Performed diagnostics and errors were found.

Sadly, my problems continue!

Should anyone know why this has happened please do get back in touch.

Cheers Pablo

in general when we update windows, can occour failures and corrupt softwares installed in we PCs. This happen because of conflict between softwares security and update in system…

NOTE: updates with HIPS active can cause bad installation in files of system (mainly in versions of windows insider), avoid modify settings in HIPS!

wait devs, they can help better… :-TU

When you say your problems are continuing, are you referring to the Diagnostics or are you still experiencing crashes and scan issues?

Hi pablo_gsxr750,

Diagnostics error is a known issue, we are yet to fix it. Could you please check with our latest CIS to see if you still experience crash.;msg903625#msg903625