CIS Bug!

There are problems with the right mouse button Comodo Internet Security!

In Vista, under,After installation Comodo Internet Security.Vista the right mouse button will return to XP,I would like to ask this is not bug?

Pre-installation Comodo Internet Security:

Comodo Internet Security installed right after the Vista back to XP’s version of the Right:


thank you for your help!

Yes, it is a bug. You might wanna take a look at this:

When Comodo fix this Bug, I will use comodo anti-virus,Please fix this Bug quickly!

In addition,could you Please tell me how to send virus samples to Comodo Lab?

Thank you for your help~ (:LGH)

If I’m correct that will be fixed in this weeks release.

You can submit the files using the Submit Suspicious files on the Misc tab.
You can send it to CIMA here:
You can send it by email to and state Virus in the subject.

Are you saying that we can send the sample to:

In addition,Can I send virus samples and then go do encryption?In the letter, I will tell the comodo virus engineer at the sample password!

sorry, because I actually do not really understand English, I just used google translation to help me!

thank you very much! :BNC

Yes please

You can use a zip compressed file with password



This bug isn’t got fixed after i’ve installed the CIS…since the last post at here…please get this GUI bug fix ASAP…thank you…:slight_smile: