CIS blocks Firefox' prefs.js

I’ve never intentionally changed any settings about browser protection, yet I have for months this problem:
After windows is loaded (v7 64bit) I can’t use Firefox for some time (about minute or two). Browser loads, but with default settings. It happens because something locks prefs.js file - Firefox generates new file with default settings and uses it. I have to:

  • wait some time
  • close browser,
  • goto my profile folder, delete prefs.js
  • rename invalidprefs.js to prefs.js
  • start browser again, restore tabs from backup
    Which is overall annoying.
    Before that time file prefs.js is locked by unknown process (not identified by handler64 identifier from Sysinternals).
    How can I fix this ?

Try adding the profile folder to scan exclusions.


BTW - AppData folders are hidden and can’t be selected in CIS Dialog, I have to add something other then edit manually to right folder.

But it didn’t help to the problem. :frowning: