CIS blocking nVidia control panel

Running Windows 10 v2004, CIS was blocking nVidia Control Panel from starting without any notification. It didn’t even appear in desktop’s right-click context menu. It came back after removing CIS.

I installed the new driver and the control panel is available again in the Taskbar on the right corner.

Upgraded nVidia drivers to v450.99 on Windows 10 v2004 and once again the CP was completely blocked: it didn’t appear in system tray, it wouldn’t start even manually and it was completely missing from contextual menu (which took 20 seconds to appear). After uninstalling CIS it reappeared.

My nvidia drivers are 445.87.
Where you got your drivers from ?

Here: NVIDIA INSIDER Preview Driver [450.99][Standard] | guru3D Forums

Did the sandbox block something of the installer package while installing. I have seen this happen a couple of times while installing a big driver package. It makes me disable Containment for 15 minutes to successfully install the driver package.

Does the above fix it for you?

Nothing showed up in the logs, nor I didn’t see any alert from sandbox. The only alert I did get was from HIPS, which I allowed.

Are you willing to try to reinstall the driver with Containment disabled?

Are the drivers digitally signed? I noticed the drivers are for testing.

Hello Zee64,

Thank you for reporting.Let me check this and update you.
Have a nice day.

Reinstalled CIS with GeForce drivers v446.14 already installed. Still blocked. I should probably mentioned that I’m using DCH version.

Try adding the executables to the exclusions of shellcode injection detection. Also check C:\ProgramData\Comodo\Cis\tempscrpt for any scripts that mentions NVidia within the file.

I have no idea what executables to add to the list. Tempscrpt folder is empty.

Holy ■■■■, I can’t even start games from Steam. Every time I try to start one, it ends up being stuck in a loop: - YouTube

I’m uninstalling CIS once again, because I need to function.

Hello Zee64,

Issue fixed. Could you please re-check the issue and confirm us.
Have a nice day!

Cannot confirm. Issue still persists on my system.

UPDATE: Disabling HIPS allows Control Panel to run. So apparently HIPS is silently blocking it for some reason.

So another update: After disabling HIPS, restarting system, enabling HIPS, restarting system again, nVidia CP is working now.

NVidia 450.99 drivers are an unofficial release; they are in the early access ring for testers now.
Hips arrives correctly that blocks unknown drivers and unsigned software!

First off, all drivers have to be signed, even testing ones. Second off, HIPS was blocking even the latest stable release.