CIS beta with MBAM Pro - Compatible?

Does this latest beta of CIS still have issues running alongside MBAM PRO?

Not that I can tell. I have MBAM pro running real time with the newest beta. I don’t have the IP blocker on but I did. I haven’t noticed any issues yet. I did notice that D+ blocks it from scanning certain CIS folders.

I have used CIS alongside of MBAM Pro for a long long time and have never noticed any issues when running the two together.


It’s never a good idea to run more than one memory resident scanner at a time.

But the point of MBAM PRO is to run alongside other security software, as it’s supposed to miss what traditional AVs miss.

Traditional AV’s don’t contain a HIPS like CIS does.

Hmm. A shame really as I love my MBAM PRO.

(Above I naturally meant catch what others miss.)

you can run mbam pro with cis as its fine i have done for over a year and as long as you add mbam to the exclusions list in mbam you will be fine