CIS = Best thing since sliced bread.

After enduring a painstaking great many years with Norton, riddled with overpriced products and extremely horrible support, I’ve taken the plunge into Comodo IS and I have not looked back yet.

I just want to say thanks to everyone working for Comodo, and the devs behind CIS, you’ve done an absolutely amazing job with your product.

I’ve started recommending CIS to various people, and even managed to get some of my family members switched over from other products such as Norton and McAfee.

+1 to Comodo.

just wait until you try the new version, 5.8. its absolutely amazing.

the version 5.8 is fantastic I removed the eset and 5.8 and the truth changes for comfortable Internet security that I do not repent, it is more I unfelled it in the PC of my sister and a relatives’ pair

but you haven’t even seen the Behaviour Blocker that is coming in the future releases :slight_smile: or Cloud AV …we are only just starting…and all for free!!!



Now try v6 of CIS its even better than before , better than ever . :a0