CIS/Avast5 vs CIS/Avira on XP x64

I recently upgraded to Avast5 on my XP x64 machine. Due to the unorthodox manner by which Avast5 updates its engine and definitions, CIS is constantly writing new entries to the registry. These entries are accumulating at an alarming rate and point to no longer existing files. I also suspect Avast5 is causing occasional BSODs.

Does anyone have experience with XP x64/CIS/Avira? I just need feedback concerning the stability of this combination.

Do these topics help you any further: Registry Proliferation with Avast5 Updates and Avast 5 and C.I.S.?

I started one of those topics.

No amount of configuring stops CIS from writing to the registry. Each time avast.setup or any number of other dlls change (same name, modified content), new registry entries result. I have already removed nearly 1000 entries over the last month. Other than the ever expanding registry, Avast5 updates without incident or Defense+ pop ups.

Since I like CIS, I’m looking for a new antivirus that updates in a more “conventional” manner.

Maybe the following will help. It seems to be related to your problem.

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Re: How Compatible CIS is With Other Security Products: Your Opinion Needed
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Hi guys.

I have been playing with CIS 3.13.xxxxx.581 (Firewall and D+) and Avast Free 5.0.377. No problems whatsoever. Install went smooth (swicth to Clean PC mode and gave me like 30 or so untrusted files), scans are fast, totally compatible. Running XP Pro SP3_86x.

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XP Pro Spk 3_x86. IE 8 & FF 3.6 C2D Conroe (2.40 Ghz), 2 GB RAM
Avast 5.0.418 Free
SpySweeper 6.1(antispyware only)
CIS 3.14.xxxxx.587(Firewall and D+)
Win Patrol Plus.
Malwarebytes´(on demand scan).
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Re: How Compatible CIS is With Other Security Products: Your Opinion Needed
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Comodo I have a problem !

Scratch the post above. Avast 5 has a file C:\File Programs\Alwil Software\Avast5\Setup\avast.setup that floats. What I mean is that every time the PC boots or updates, avast.setup regenerates and adds a new folder to C:\File Program\Alwil Software\Avast5\defs"new folder updates like 100126-1". It contains several .dll files that are different every time the a new update is offered.
Now since avast.setup floats (It is not in your sys right now), it can be purged inadvertently from Network Security Policy and Computer Security Policy if purging other non existing apps, thus making an alert to pop up for Avast next automatic update. If PC is unattended, Comodo will deny that Avast update and in my case will not allow Avast to manually update or to load Avast for next reboot.

What I do not understand is that Alwil Software is in the Trusted Vendor List so even if Avast.setup was purged, Comodo should allow avast.setup to execute without any alerts.

EDIT: I have turned my D+ to Clean PC and rebooted. Avast.setup appared in Pending files so I added it to My Own safe Files. Switched to Safe PC and rebooted again and avast.setup did not pop up and the rules for it were added to my firewall and D+.

I do not Know if this is the right thread to post this problem so feel free to move this post to the appropriate section.

I’m well aware of all of this. Avast5 works fine except for my previously noted objections. There do seem to be some conflicts between Avast5 and XP x64, however. These seem to manifest themselves while XP x64 is booting and only occur occasionally. To me, its looks like Avast5 is still a work in progress. I never had any problems like these with v. 4.8.

I have reviewed other free AVs and would like to try Avira. Before I switch, I would appreciate any feedback regarding any stability issues anyone else may have encountered between XP x64 and Avira.

Hi ces5077.

I see that you are still at it. May be XP 64 is not right for that combo (Avast5 & CIS).

Avira will work with XP64 and CIS, but like any other combination you will have to set it right to your liken.

Some info:

Eventhough Avira is one of the top 5 free AV in the market today, Avira does have a high rate of false/positive and for some, a nagging way to update and tough to uninstall completely, that is what I have read.


Yeah, still at it.

Thanks for the link. It confirms everything I’ve already read. I’ve been to Avira site and they do say their AV is compatible with XP x64. I was just hoping to hear from someone who has experience with both.

The funny thing here is I also have an old XP Pro x86 machine which suffered no ill effects from the upgrade to Avast5 (except the registry annoyance). On the XP x64 machine, occasionally Microsoft Outlook hangs when I open it, System_Service_Exception BSODs occur every now and then, and sporadic problems with the Automatic Updates Service hanging during boot. These all started after the upgrade. I have run all sorts of diagnostics including chkdsk and memtest, and all my hardware comes up squeaky clean.

I do believe it’s time for a change.

Thank again

I just read the previous Avira 9 post.

I’ll have to follow this one before I make the move.