CIS AV detects 270 rootkits seemingly from CIS own extract?!

What gives? Mysystem is a cleaned install sytem just 3 days from installation

Moreover CIS premium x64 hash codes both MD5 and SH1 were not correct. I think Comodo may have been hacked?

MilSim fan, bro, ArmA, Arma2 and Arma2OA here :-TU :wink:
I got that too…
I don’t think Rich Text Format - Wikipedia are dangerous so you can ignore them

LOL I was scared to shi* LOL. I already fixed them. I hope that wouldn’t ruin my 7[pull hair]. But then again they were in the temp folder so I guess they are safe to delete.

Umm Hey how do you know I’m a mil sim fan? I don’t even use Michael as my ArmA 2 profile :slight_smile:

It was you who put the rootkit wasn’t it ;D

Nah, it’s cool, it’s not even using it!
I did it myself, still works.
Always glad to see fellow Marine Force Recon Razor Team :-TU

Screenshot tells all ;D

I am in the picture

no I’m not :wink:

The blonde one you mean? Nice hair 88)

Aaah I got it you also frequent ArmA 2 forum :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess I can turn off my panic mode and enjoy the last hours of 2010 :-TU
Thanks to you :wink:

Look for headset
I’m not even there!!!

Not that much, just read-only, I’m on Armaholic leeching mods, missions and scripts…
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Favorite weapon: Suppressed Cheytac

Aaah man you got me for a second there

Sniping is ridiculous without ACE mod :-TU
Well it’s still ridiculous with it but better

I like Cheytac and DMR having as primary and M9 with silencer… Night vision, watch, compass, one frag and one smoke and enough ammo to do the job. I like stealth.
If too complicated, I call in AC-130 CAS, drop in few arty’s, pick off high ranks from the distance, ditch sniper, go in hot with AK-107… All said and done, call in HELO for extract… One man team…
Had issues with ACE in the past [was using ArmA2 addons folder instead creating specifically to mods, plan to roll in again tonight…

Been playing Combined operations now and I can’t remember when I last used Cheytac or DMR. . . . .DMR is much better than the M24 in game. M24 is just pathetic. You can hit the AI multiple times and they won’t even be wounded.

My preference now is the M110 and SVD for the second choice. The M107 or KSVK are too loud unless you set up real far away but a lot of times the terrain won’t allow such set up. Mk 17 is also quite nice. Powerful and accurate. I hate most AK in game because they can’t shoot very accurate. The FN-FAL is exceptionally good however. I must say even better than G36 in game.


SVD’s good in the right hands…

They’re so powerful one-shot-one-kill @ 1200m, they have to be loud!

Totally agree!

My experience is different with optics


Most likely false positives. I still had some CIS.rtf files left in my temp from after installing but they didn’t get flagged after scanning. I am on Win 7 32 bits.

Are you willing to extract the installer and scan again? When the detection happens again you can submit them as false positives.

Moreover CIS premium x64 hash codes both MD5 and SH1 were not correct. I think Comodo may have been hacked?
It has been noticed by another user as well. It looks like they posted the wrong information in the release topic. Here is wj32's wise advice: [quote="wj32 post:165, topic:262787"] Does it matter? If the installer's digital signature verifies correctly, then it's fine. [/quote]

Thank you for your reply Eric but
Well it does matter to have the hash code correct otherwise it is better not to put them up in the first place. It may confuse people who are trying to download or even deter them from installing.

Just my 2 cents worth anyway :slight_smile:

I agree with you MW. Although I took wj32’s advice and installed it. CIS works fine for now. I think this was the problem with the old version too. They do some updates to installation packages and just don’t release new hash codes.

Hi Michael,

Can you please post the whole results? I cant tell anything from the image. The hashes of setups are fine as we updated them slightly.