CIS & Armadillo protected programs - AGAIN !!

I am a software developer and I just updated Comodo CIS on on my development computer to v4.1.149672.916, after restarting the computer all my programs protected with Armadillo (from Silicon Realms) crashed on startup. To make them work again I had to exclude them from “Image Execution Control” in Defense +.
Please note that this bug was present in CIS v3.x, it was fixed in early 4.x versions and now it’s back again !!
This bug is particularly nasty for sw developers because now I will receive several complains from my customers because my program crashes when CIS is updated. Worst of all I will lose sales because the trial version will crash on computer running CIS !!!
I hope you can fix it ASAP. Let me know whether you need more details about the problem
Thanks and best regards
Gianpaolo Bottin