CIS Anit-Virus Causes Lockup On My Two Win-XP Computers - Solution Found

First, let me state that this post is not a criticism of Comodo or their products. I sincerely appreciate the work that has gone into CIS and I appreciate the fact that it is made available to us free. This post is made with the intent of helping to provide input on a problem that seems to exist so they can resolve the issue, and it’s my way of paying back in a small way and saying thanks.

I have three computers, two of which are WinXP SP3, one is Win7x64.

I performed the upgrade to CIS a few weeks ago on all three computers due to the AV update problem that was occurring at the beginning of January. I uninstalled CIS and completely reinstalled the new version, then downloaded the AV signatures and copied them to the proper directories.

I began to notice a slowness in my programs opening shortly thereafter on the XP SP3 computers, but hadn’t thought much of it until two days ago both my XP SP3 systems ground to a halt. The systems were very slow to load the desktop icons and when I tried to open Firefox, they both totally ground to a halt.

My Win7x64 laptop has absolutely no problems whatsoever and is extremely fast.

After performing many diagnostic tests with no success, I read on this forum that the AV component of CIS was having issues.

I uninstalled CIS totally from both XP SP3’s and reinstalled CIS without the AV component. I then installed Avira anti-virus. I did not modify the Win7x64 computer.

Both WinXP SP3 computers now load programs faster and run faster than they have for a long time. The results were amazing to both my wife and I.

Apparently the Anti-virus component of the CIS has problems that need to be resolved.

Once again, this is not a criticism, as I realize not everything’s perfect, stuff happens and you folks are trying to do the best you can and I appreciate it. I’m just trying to help you out.

The Watosh

Please your attention. I have noticed there are at the moment two kind of performance problems with the AV 3.13. One “general” performance problem and one likely to be caused by faulty update around January 17-18.

For the faulty AV definition update I made a test case in which I want volunteers to participate. I tried this myself and it got rid off certain reported problems that seemed typical for this particular problem. For those who want to participate go to [Testcase]AV problems with XP after January 17 or 18.