CIS and Windows 7


I was wondering if anyone has tried CIS with Windows 7 Beta. I realise that Windows 7 is still a beta release but someone who is trying it may have been curious enough to install CIS in it. If anyone has, did it run OK?

Yes. There are some people who succeded to install CIS on Win 7. You have to use the compatibility mode and run CIS as an Administrator :slight_smile:

I’m currently using Windows 7 Ultimate RTM (build 7600), which is the final version released to manufacturing, and Comodo Internet Security works fine for me. I’m fully satisfied with it.

No compatibility mode.

Just run as Administrator.

Ok… I just installed Windows 7 64 bits on my computer… before trying to install it I wanted to check if CIS was compatible for Windows 7… It seems there is not an OFFICIAL compatible version for Windows 7… but for some it works… SO, I’ll try it and then see what happens… Is there a way to download CIS 4 beta? or something? or is there a beta version of any version CIS that supposedly officially works on Windows 7?? or still no news?

Anyway, I have been looking CIS 4 is coming out… Will this CIS already be compatible with Windows 7?? Should be!! :)) And if it is… when is CIS 4 coming out? haven’t read the news thread, so I have no idea, would be nice to know! :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum Maundler.

The current version of CIS works with Windows 7 x86 and x64, It’s not, however, officially supported.

The next version of CIS (version 4) has, at this time, a release date towards the end of this year possibly early next. Please watch the Feedback/Comments/Announcements/News - CIS thread for updates to this scehdule.

Thanks alot!! :))

Ill try the current version, thx…

as for the CIS 4, Ill be waiting for it… I have been using Comodo for quite sometime now, and haven’t had ANY problems with it, that is probably why I haven’t used the forums yet… although its nice to learn something new from Comodo.