CIS and Windows 7 64 bit????

I just bought an HP DV6t laptop with windows 7 64 bit. It has the Intel I3 processor, 4G DDR3 DIMM memory and 500G SATA 7200RPM HD. Would like to know the pros and cons and problems if any from the friendly people in this forum that are using CIS with this configuration. It was installed with NIS 2010 with a 60 day trial. The NIS GUI is amazing but the review from matousec wasn’t the best… I want to uninstall NIS and install CIS on this laptop but a little hesitant due to the fact that it is windows 7 64bit and my wifes laptop. 88)

Why not install cis. If the occasional pop-up from hips bothers you. You can always disable it. I’ve fixed alot of computer with nortan. It’s a decent program, but there are better ones out there and some are free.
like Comodo with avira avira is basicly has the highest detection rating

Avira has the highest detection rate as a free antivirus but Gdata beats it :wink:

Who said anything about pop-ups or HIPS!!! That’s not my question or concern. I’m currently running CIS on my personal desktop running Windows XP and have no intentions of replacing it. My concerns are running CIS on a Windows 7 64bit machine (my wifes laptop)… As far as free goes, FREE IS GOOD!! I’m also running the latest version of AVAST with Private Firewall (also a great review from matousec) on my win2K laptop and have not had any problems.

CIS is working fine on Win 7 x64.

The most important thing.
No matter what security suite you intend to install.
Is to avoid trouble by running the Norton removal tool after you uninstall Norton, And Before you try installing CIS or “product X”.
It is a “classic” problem that Norton leftovers conflict with other security installs.

Get it here


The first thing I did when I loaded Win7 x64 Ultimate was uninstall everything M$ preloaded as a security feature:

  • UAC
  • Firewall
  • Defender
  • did I forget any? hmmm

The second thing I did was install Comodo. Life is good.

The bigger “worry” for you is your wife’s comfort level/ability with training the comodo pop-ups “properly”. If she has had to endure UAC at all, she should have an immediate appreciation for answering informative pop-ups once.

Thanks for the heads up!!!

Thanks for your response! and yes it will be a learning curve for my wife…