CIS and Windows 10 Features


if i add some checkmarks in the windows 10 features like the following picture:

then CIS crashes sometimes after start up Windows like every 10th start up and then coming a small window by CIS “report send” about the crash. Sometimes even the graphic drivers (NVIDIA it doesnt matter which version also on a laptop i had this) is also affected by this issue (short blackscreen then its ok again). Seldom even you get a bluescreen. UNFORTUNATELY i cant tell which exactly windows feature causing it BUT if you go back those checkmarks to DEFAULT see this:

then you will have no problem anymore with a crashing CIS. Am using current CIS v12.2.2.7098 and all those previous versions have also the problem. Windows 10 is 20H2 and updated.

I tested 5 PCs and all have the same issue with the same configuration I mentioned - including a laptop.

Kind regards


Hi Ur7urn,

Thank you for reporting, We will check this issue.

Please check again with