CIS and TrueCrypt

Hey Guys,

I have the following problem:

I encrypted a harddrive with TrueCrypt and installed some programs there.
When I start the program, CIS behaves as it should do, meaning prompting me for internet connection, creating files etc…

So far, so good. But when I restart Windows, I get these prompts again. It happens to any program stored on this encrypted harddisk. I added the progs manually to D+ and Firewall but it doesn’t help.
CIS is installed on an unencrypted drive.

So, my question is: Where and especially when does CIS save the settings?

I’m using Windows XP SP2.

thanks so far,

bye Lord

I think i’ve found a workaround for this by making rules.

For Vuze fka Azureus do like this.

  1. Open up Comodo control panel.
  2. Go to Firewall->Advanced->Predefined Firewall Policies
  3. Create a predefined firewall polices called Vuze.
  4. Add the following rules in this order below.
  • Allow HTTP Out Requests (destination port: select “A Set Of Ports” HTTP Ports
  • Allow TCP/UDP Out Requests (For all select ANY)
  • Allow TCP In Requests (destination port: select “A Single Port” port used by Vuze)
  • Allow UDP In Requests (destination port: select “A Single Port” port used by Vuze)
  • Block and Log All Unmatching Requests

For me this helps Comodo remember rules for application running from TrueCrypt container.

Thank you for the answer, but it unfortunately didn’t work.
Maybe it’s because I encrypted the wohle device.

I think that when I shutdown Windows, the encrypted devices are forced to dismount, so CIS does not have the time to save the settings for the apps installed there.

Is there a way to shutdown CIS completely (including the background task), so that it can store the settings before the volumes are dismounted?

Thanks again, and Merry Christmas


Your right it dosen’t work!!! Can’t believe that the Comodo devs haven’t fixed this yet!

No this is by design, CIS does not allow this for ANY external device.

Did you know that Defense+ will not consider executables from non-fixed drives (floppy, CD, USB) or network drives as safe in “Clean PC Mode”?

Is also a part of this, i run full disk encryption on the system where CIS is active without problems, if you mount the drive, CIS will flag that as “external” that’s where trouble starts…

Maybe we could drop this on the wish list to change this behavior as it becomes more common to encrypt drives…

Yes that sound’s like a excellent idea and it is what we (truecrypt users want.) When I state that the program is safe it’s SAFE! not half safe/unsure or whatever it’s SAFE! (:TNG)

As i mention before. Other Firewalls don’t have this problem so shouldn’t Comodo! :ilovecomodo:

Will you post it on the wishlist, then I’ll vote for it :-))

Paaaaah! later then. Isn’t it already on there btw?

Suggested it some time ago already, hf.

I thought so. Had a memory that i saw it in the past. That’s why I said "can’t believe Comodo devs haven’t fixed this yet (:TNG)

yeah I wrote 3 posts since november in diff subforums regarding that issue and none of the devs ever replied, so I gave up on it.

Funny tho that it works with CFP 3.015, so I’m using that now for the time being.


so do I get this right: CIS flaggs the drive as external, although Windows regonizes it as an internal drive (which it is).
And btw.: Another strange behavior in this context: After each new Installation of Windows, the not recognized programs change. At the moment it’s Opera for which I’m asked for network access, luckily (just 1 click, not 5).

Thanks for the help


@LordofThunder: It always depends on the startup/usage. The messages appear, from my experience, only for the first application you start from the TC volume that requires internet access.

Once you allow or block that one app, CIS treats the volume normally, so no further popups (at least from the firewall)

That’s not true for me. Sometimes it asked for both programs I use (have in truecrypt container) mIRC and Vuze :-TD


at the moment it’s like Lycian said and I only have to allow the first app I start to get internet access and tell d+ that this is a trusted app. But the error from blackkatt has always shown up to me.
As I said: It differs from every installation, sometimes (like now) I’ve got just one error like this, sometimes he asks me permenantly at bootup for every app which started.
But I’m behind it :wink: Until now it seems to be the time when you install CIS.
If I install Windows, the network drivers, then CIS, I get more errors (permenantly), but if I install it later when all software is installed I get just this few. But this is just an experience from me and I don’t know if this is a consistent behaviour.

Yes your right! this is new for me thue.