CIS and Snoop Free Privacy Shield Conflict.

Having had my hotmail address book hacked yesterday I have been busy scanning my PC for baddies but all scans with Comodo AV, Superantispyware, Malwarebytes, MRT have come up clean. I also ran a Rootkit Revealer scan which also showed nothing. My Hijack-This log is also clean but after googling the subject I found that it may be something called a Keylogger. I was browsing the reviews of free anti keyloggers at Gizmos site and saw a very good review for a program called Snoop Free Privacy Shield. I decided to download and install it. After the install I was asked to reboot for the program to take effect but my PC kept crashing just before the windows screen. I managed to open Windows in safe mode and switched off the Comodo AV and also set SFPS as a trusted app in Defence+ but it still would not boot. I then went back to safe mode and uninstalled SFPS using Revo Uninstaller. I switched the AV back on and my PC rebooted normal after that. I would however still like to check my PC with either SFPS or failing that another similar program. Does anyone have any ideas on overcoming the compatibility issues.
It did mention in one of the reviews that this could happen as the AV and SFPS both want to be first to start up and this is apparently what has happened. How do other Firewall users get round this problem?.

I dont really think it was a keylogger since defense+ should have told you that + that all the other scanners should have picked something up, it is probably just a normal hacking :confused:

Thanks for the reply Aleksis,
What do you mean by a normal hacking?.

Snoop is known to be incompatible with CIS. Apparently still is.

Ditto. dang shame too. Any word on a fix?

Suggestion to users: Submit an inquiry to Snoopfree about this issue at . The ol’ squeaky wheel approach always works.