CIS and Sandboxie

I am using Sandboxie as an extra protection during surfing. I am running Sandboxie ver 3.38, IE8 and CIS version 3.9.95478.509. Now and then when launching IE8 under Sandboxie, IE8 comes up with the text “Starting” and then it stalls. I have to terminate it via the Task Manager or the Sandboxie Control. After termination and restarting IE8, everything runs ok.
I have found that this happens every time after Comodo has updated the virus database. If IE8 is on when the updating starts everything runs ok, but after closing IE8 it happens again when I try to start IE8 independent of how long time afterwards. Starting IE8 outside Sandboxie is no problem.
It seems to me that CIS during/after the virus data base updating is doing something that prevents Sandboxie/IE8 from normal launching. After termination and restart everything runs ok until next updating.
Anyone having an idea how to get rid of this annoyance? I have uninstalled all three and reinstalled IE8, Sandboxie and CIS, in that order, but the the failure remains the same.

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I can confirm this tried after the last three virus updates this morning, after each update IE8 fails to load website remains at connecting.
On termination and restart everything works correctly until next virus update.

Also this affects tabs in IE8 if you already have IE8 running prior to update after update new tabs opened will remain at connecting, if a new instant of IE8 is started and terminated the tabs also function correctly in all instances of IE8 whether open prior to update or after.


Any progress on this matter? I did not find any correction in the 3.10 release, but may be it was to close in time.

Hi KalleB

Please read this: