cis and safely remove hardware

after finally getting a resolution to a problem i am again running full blown cis. now i see something new. after using a memory drive stick i used safely remove hardware before removing it. i double click on srh and the screen goes blank for 4 seconds before coming back. i select the item i want and hit stop. again the screen goes blank for 4 seconds. is cis(antivirus or defense+) causing this? is it a problem or just cis doing its thing? is there a setting i need to check or uncheck? i remember reading a post where the original cavs had problems with removable drives.

What OS are you using? I’ve used 6 versions of CIS on my Vista computer with 3 removable USB Flash drives and 3 external USB drives up to 1 TB in capacity that have been optimized to write to cache which require using the SRH Tool for removal and I have never noticed the problem that you are describing.