CIS and Race driver GRID. Help solve the problem.

Hello, I have a problem with newer versions of cis, in a game Race Driver GRID, I can not connect to the session, although I see them, the game uses the connection - peer to peer, in what could be the problem? Even if I turn of cis I still can not connect to the session. but if I install an older version of cis (3.5) I connect to the session without any problems. please tell me whether you can solve this problem? CIS settings are the default game give full access to the Internet. OS Vista 64.

Clear The Network Security Policy Rules Related To The Game.
Check For Around 15 Mins Whether You have Any Issues After Changing You Network Security Policy To Training Mode
If Its Working Fine, Then Change It Back To You Original Settings

I did so, did not help.

Hope You Might Have Checked After Disabling D+,TCP and UDP Port number 3074 Used By Grid Game Client. If Not, Check With That And If Possible, Check With The Firewall Eventlog And D+ Eventlog To Find Any Block Report Is There. Moving Forward We Can Compare The CIS Settings From 3.5 And 3.9 .

In the log all the actions are permitted, the log, I attach.
But I still can not connect to the session.

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…It Took Some Time For me To Translate The Log. Alright, I Can See That Connections Permitted. However Not Sure At This Stage What Would Have Gone Wrong. Will Try To Install The Game Personally On My System Later To Check And Update You. Meanwhile You Can Create A New Session And Check Whether Others Are Able To Join It

Well, I wait, I have deleted the CIS, and now again properly connected to the session.

I Checked With The Racedriver GRID Official Forum. It Seems Other Users Who Use CIS Is Also Facing The Same Issue. You Can Check With The Last Three Post’s With The Below Link

I read, but there is no solution to the problem, I install the CIS 3.5, now everything works again.

CIS 3.5 is not the version to be using. 3.9 is. Also I am a gamer and all you need to do is add your game exe’s to the firewall and D+ as “trusted”. Or simply put the firewall and D+ in “training mode” and play rid for a min or two. Then exit out and put CIS back to Safe mode. Its that easy.

Also are you playing Grid via Steam?

All this I did, nothing helped, in 3.9 dont work, in 3.5 all work. No, I play without steam.

This game does not require steam. I’m using the CIS has long been, and I know how to play Internet access, and how to switch between the modes, but since version 3.8 CIS is blocking the connection, even if I switch off the CIS still can not connect to the session.

In the log all the actions are permitted

Please uninstall your older version and download the latest 3.9 version. BTW you cannot just delete CIS.

I have 3.9 version but this version does not work correctly on my sistem.

can you elaborate?

All thanks, I solved the problem, the cause was in the modem, I changed the modem D-Link500 to the Huawei, and now everything is working correctly.

Its Sound’s Good To Hear That Your Issue Has Been Resolved. At The Same Time It Sound’s A Little Wierd That It Got Resolved By Changing The Modem, Because You Were Able To Connect To The Session Using The Same Modem With CIS 3.5 Installed. Iam Little Bit Quite Confused Now ???

Yes for me it’s also very strange

if the modem is configured router can not connect to the session, and if you put the bridge that connects everything. Wonder why so?