CIS and Parental control !

Melih , what about our children ?They are unprotected in internet … Please help me! Put in Comodo parental control ! Please … You are the honest and pure man and i know you understand me … Internet is very dangerous for example -■■■■■, guns narcotics and other …Please help to protect our children …

You could give OpenDNS a try. Unlike SecureDNS, OpenDNS has a front end that allows you to configure which types of sites you don’t want to be able to access.

There are also dedicated applications to accomplish much the same thing. Norton Online Family is one, K9 Web Protection is another. K9 and CIS have had issues operating together in the past, but I don’t know if that is still an issue.

Both are free, although Norton’s has a paid upgrade that adds some functionality. I have not used either application, but OpenDNS is pretty painless to use.

I try this ,i try everityng but i want COMODO protect me and my child …
I use Comodo secure DNS …I do not use other programs for parental control because they incompatible with Comodo …
That is my reason…And i think Comodo is the best program for protection and i wish to protect me and my child …
Please help to make internet a safe place …

I must say, I am currently using K9 Web Protection and SecureDNS and CIS…

No Issues!

I would like a frontend for SecureDNS that would be AWESOME!

but Most Unlikely thing to happen :frowning:

We are working on things…it will be sometime…but we care about our kids and want to protect them!

This is a very common problem to all the parents whose kids are growing up in the Internet age…(me included!)


I want Melih to say something about this …
That is my wish …Parental control in Comodo … This is the right way !
Best regards ,
Plamen from Bulgaria

Thank you Melih you are the only honest man whom i know !

Yes, it’s quite a big issue. Here in the U.S., kids in grade school are actually given assignments that need to be completed online.

I maybe a little !ot! because i know you asked Comodo to help protect. Just my advice is to keep the internet connections in a family room and avoid having them in Childrens rooms, not only is it easier to keep an eye on the interactions, but a supervised child is a more careful child. Kind regards.

My child is cripple and i want to protect his innocent soul of everything …
That is my real reason to put this topic here about this …
Thank you !

Comodo does have parental control capabilities. It’s just a little tedious.

First, if you don’t trust your kid, password protect CIS: More > Preferences > Parental Control

Second, add the domains you trust to a Network Zone, and block your web browsers from connecting to anything but that Zone.

I know this but i want fully functional parental control !
This is different …

Very understandable why Parental control is an important request, and our thoughts and best wishes go out to you and your family. Kind regards.

Thank you and my best wishes to your family !
And i still hope for Parental control in CIS …
Kind regards to all COMODO TEAM ,members in this forum and to Melih !

[i]+1 , good idea

+1 , good idea

Wait for positive results!
Good idea slayer76 :-TU

Hi Plamen,

I agree with you. Adding a parental control feature will supplement the security provided by CIS.


G. :wink:

+1, Good Idea!

Yeah, OK, this will move your wonderful program, and its popularity level up … and hopefully more…

+1 :-TU