CIS and non-MS products

I am currently running Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit) on my PC. I addition, I am not using anymore M$ products that I absolutely must use. I am using Incredimail 2 for my email and Firefox for my browser (although my Wife prefers Avant).

Currently I am using ZoneAlarm Extreme for my firewall and Avast Pro for my anti-virus. The Comodo Internet Security looks interesting and seems to be getting good to great reviews. My question is will CIS work with my system or should I just be using a couple parts of it? Or should I just be doing the free stuff, although I’ve felt you get a better product and service with a pay-for product. ???

ZoneAlarm has lost me as they seem to be concentrating too much on just M$ products and leaving people like me out in the cold. Opinions please.

Welcome to COMODO forum!

You can’t compare with ZoneAlarm.
COMODO Internet Security is absolutely the best firewall and pretty much better than any paid products from
other companies.
Many testing results prove it.
Also, real world testings prove it!
CIS and Avast work fine together.
If you want to use Avast with CIS, simply disable CAV or install only ‘firewall’ + ‘Defense +’.
(do not use 2 Antivirus at the same time, it may occur the confliction)
Choose CIS.
It’s your best choice.

Note: recommend.
1.Uninstall Zonealarm.(Do not install CIS before you uninstall Zonealarm)
2.after uninstall Zonealarm, run Zonealarm removal tool.
(if it says 'there is no zonealarm in your pc, that’s ok. It’s done)
3.go to download CCleaner and run it.
5.Install CIS.
(if you want to use Avast, do not choose COMODO Antivirus while you install CIS)

Visit COMODO forum if you have any problem. There are many people who can help you.

Okay, I’ll get gutsy and do the Comodo Internet Security Plus and see how it goes. From teh places I feel I can trust, Comodo sure gets some really good reviews. So, it will be good to have both an AV and Firewall working together than trying to get both to work separately.

Another thing I would do is to uninstall Incredimail. I had many bad experiences with that product and I believe it is a real security issue. There are many better alternatives, although not as pretty.