CIS and games

Seriously, how long we’ll have to wait until CIS will stop sandboxing game?! The current situation is ridiculous!

Well, without knowing more about the problem you are having, this is an impossible question to answer.

Er, the problem might be the fact CIS is sandboxing games on first run?

Did you post those games in the whitelist topic?

Don’t remember, but what I do remember is that particular game was submitted with CIS.

CIS will only sandbox unrecognized applications.

Which game are you having problems with? Like I said, more information is needed…

Left 4 Dead 1 and 2. But I’m failing to understand the logic behind this sandboxing. Why on Earth app, when I’m launching it from trusted app, is being sandboxed in the first place? What’s the point of having app as trusted when child processes are being sandboxed?

If an application is trusted and still being sandboxed, then that means the application has changed in some way. CIS recognizes files by their file hash. If the application has changed in any way, the hash will change and CIS will no longer recognize it.

The current workaround for files like this is the give the application in question the Installer or Updater predefined security policy.

Yeah well when game is receiving updates of course hash will change. And setting it to Installer/Updater is only workaround, which exists too long for CIS to ignore it!

Im confused… I play League of Legends and the game updates all the time and im in paranoid mode and I do not get a lot of issues from CIS. My suggestion run it in training mode while playing L4D and it should help out.

Training mode should only be used for very short durations. This will also not help in the case of an application that changes often.

Easy solution that always work for me:
right Click on CIS Icon on the taskbar and choose GameMode but when you’re done playing always remember to Uncheck that option because it kinda allow some viruses to enter your system If it’s checked while you’re browsing the web Take car ;D

Sorry for my bad English

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