CIS and external USB devices


even if I added my USB HDD and USB PSP to the exception rules, I dont like CIS behaviour when connecting an external device:
cis starts analyze them (even if they contain photos only) and takes very very very long time before I finally can see the “autostart” splash window of my OS to open the content.
What to do to tell CIS to simply ignore my (very clean) USB external devices?
when CIS analizes them for long time, the explore.exe window hangs, then ok, but I dont want to wait for this unuseful task, at least when the external devices are mine and surely clean.
My external device is called “M”, here my settings in Exclusions panel:
why this setting gives me zero effects after the reboot?


PS: this happens only at the FIRST usb connection after a reboot, if I re-connect the device then all is ok, zero cis analysis.
(therefore I can test your suggestions once a day, since my PC is always turned on at daytime).

Unfortunately CIS doesn’t honor exclusions for removable media/external drives. Also, CIS won’t scan the files again unless they have been modified or changed since the last time the file was scanned. In addition CAV will re-scan the files even if they haven’t changed when the AV database has been updated. This only applies when the AV is set to stateful, if set to on-access then every time a file is accessed the will be scanned, so make sure you have AV set to stateful mode.

I hear bad news :frowning:

what is the stateful mode?
I have all default settings.
I were happy to obtain device exclusion, but as you say, its unpossible.
Or at least to increase the scan speed, or at least to become explorer.exe usable during this (unwanted) CAV process. Very annoying this behaviour, and not customizable.

With stateful inspection CIS will only scan a file once and won’t scan it again until the next update. If I understand your situation correctly the problem is interfering with the boot process. In that case I would set the update frequency to 24 hrs or a couple of hours more. That way the stateful inspection period would end after you booted. I cannot vouch for certain it will work because I am not sure if rebooting the system would immediately nullify stateful inspection cache. But it may be worth a shot.

Another option would be to exclude images from the on access scanner. It introduces only a very minor security risk.

Doing so, at reboot I wait only 30 seconds for scanning the photos (always the same old photos) in M:\ also I notice an ameliorament. But please tell the dev to add an option to simply ignore usb device, thanks.

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