CIS and Emsisoft

Hello again,
I was wondering if it is ok to run emsisoft anti-malware alongside cis?
will they get along? any cons to doing so?

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It is not adviced to use more than 1 real time scanner at the same time, so if you want to use CIS and Emsisoft together then disable either CAV real time scannner or emsisoft real time scanner.

Isn’t emsisoft like malwarebytes? it’s not really av is it? anti-malware or spyware?

It doesn’t really matter what the application is scanning for. If two applications are trying to scan the same file at the same time, you could experience problems.

This FAQ may help: Making other security programs work with CIS.

Gator, you already questioned this on Emsisoft forum also :slight_smile:
User Umbrapolaris gave you a link to his guide:

Also having used this combination myself i can confirm it does work fine :slight_smile:
You need to ensure you have both set up correctly to avoid snags.