CIS and Defragmenting... (v3.8.64263.468)

On my Vista system I noticed that the “Analysis” and “Defragmentation” process crawls to a very slow pace to a point I have to stop it out of sheer annoyance when CIS is installed (If I remember correctly, I had observed the same problem a while ago when I was experimenting with the older version of CIS). While this is not a problem at all, I am trying to bring any issues to the attention of the awesome guys of Comodo :slight_smile:

System Details:
CIS Version: 3.8.64263.468
Defrag program: Perfectdisk Professional 10, build 93 (current)
Vista Home Premium with SP1

Yea I noticed that defragging is slow too. Somebody mentioned turning off the AV befire defragging might help. Haven’t tried it though.

For ppl experiencing this bug, try disabling real time scanning.

not sure what causes it but seems to be mostly vista x64 users

Thanks, I will try that and post my results. Just so you know, my Vista is not x64.

Update: Bingo! Temporarily disabling Antivirus is the key. Doing so made it defrag normal speed.

My tip is not to use Perfectdisk, I experienced the same problem. Here are a few of the best ones and are free to boot:

Or another good paid one is Diskeeper

Hope thiis helps.

Techsupportalert tells you how to get Diskeeper Lite V9 for free here.

I use this version and I see no slowdowns with CIS.

It’s a known bug and effects several defragmentation programs. Temporarily disabling the AV shield is the only workaround.

i hope this issue gets sorted. Are there any known work arounds to get the AV to ignore the defrager?

Yes. Turn it off.