CIS and CCleaner

There seems to be an issue concerning CCleaner.
While running CCleaner at start up with CIS completely disabled the start up time is fairly normal.
While running CCleaner at start up with CIS enabled, the start up time is almost doubled and the same applies to the amount of time CCleaner takes to do its job.

I think it has to do with the AV component of CIS. CCleaner accesses a lot of files and AV apparently subsequently scan every single file.

I wouldn’t call this a bug, but is there a way to avoid this behavior?

What scanning setting do you have CAV on?

I’ve tried it with both “stateful” and “on access”.
It makes no difference.
On start up there are by definition none (or less) files scanned by CAV because it hadn’t time to scan, so I guess it’s normal that there’s no difference between the two states.

B.T.W.: Currently I’m reverted more or less permanently to “on access” state because in “stateful” state my computer experienced random crashes after updating the virus database. Since the moment I’m reverted to “on access” I’ve not experienced any crashes at all so that might be another bug, but I’m undecisive what to do with this knowledge. Reporting it as a bug doesn’t make sense at the moment, I guess…

Do you have any other programs running in real-time?

What OS are you running?

On Windows 7 I have noticed that when I open a folder with a fair amount of installers CIS uses so much resources I cannot browse through it until it has scanned what it wanted to scan. This performance drop came with 3.13 and is also happening in v4 beta.


What do you mean by “running in real-time”?
As I said before these things happen at start up time, so there are some programs running, but I don’t know which of them start prior to CIS.

No, I don’t have Windows 7. I still have Windows XP home SP3.
I’ve said that earlier on this board, because I’ve filed multiple complaints about bugs.
As far as I know none of them are really taken care of. At the moment I think that all those problems were caused by the AV component, because after I switched to “on access” scanning instead of “stateful” scanning (see my previous post) I’ve experienced no new crashes at all.
There is only one little drawback: the AV slows down the computer a little bit but I do prefer it above rebooting every now and then. My only remaining problem is this CCleaner issue.

Is it only with CCleaner that you have a very noticeable performance problem?

Your post is in the right board so the devs will take notice of it. However they are not in the habit of replying other than for the situation where they need extra information. We suffer in silence… 88)