Hi guys,
today I have given a try to CCE and I was very surprised when, as soon as I clicked on CCE.exe, CIS alerted me saying “CCE is an unknown application”.
Is that normal? I feel strange that a security software from Comodo is not recognized by another security software from Comodo…

You think that’s strange? I have a desktop and a laptop with exactly the same operating system (WinXP). I have the exact same programs on both. My laptop gets sandbox alerts for numerous programs that the desktop doesn’t (including Windows screensavers). I also get a lot of D+ alerts that the desktop doesn’t get (such as desk.cpl and explorer.exe). CIS is a curious animal! :wink:

It should be recognised I would say. It is digitally signed and recognised when doing a cloud look up. What version of CCE are you running?

i have noticed this aswell, just reboot the machine and everything should be ok

I’ve also seen this behavior a few times.

I’m using CCE 2.3.22892.176 and CIS 5.9.221665.2197 on Windows Vista Home Premium SP2