Is there an estimated date for a beta where CIS implements CCE into the suite? I really think that cce will put comodo over the top.


i think that Comodo is going to keep them seperate but not positive

No they are definately integrating them

how do you know this for sure?
this is a quote from melih

this is pretty much saying that comodo isnt going to integrate them together but it may change in the future

I would love to see DACS in CIS , but of course on-demand and thus the scanning speed won’t be affected at all :wink:

regards :-*

i think i remember melih saying that dacs is going to be implemented into the realtime scanner of cav

DACS will be integrated. CCE will stay a separate tool.

O ■■■■! That is what i meant!!

Is there an eta for a beta of Cis with dacs?

i would say a little while still because DACs is only in CCE and it only scans unknown processes running in ram. They still have to implement it into the scanner to scan all unknown files and that can come with lots of problems cuz that will put a lot more strain on the servers running the different avs so they will have to deal with that when it comes then when CCE is publicly released thats just more strain on the servers which might cause more problems. I think CCE will be release first then it will be implemented into CIS. idk if im right but thats just my thoughts

by the way, where is DACS in CCE? is it in the scanner or in the KillSwitch?

I would love to see KillSwitch be integrated in CIS… replace its “VIEW ACTIVE PROCESS LIST” with KillSwitch instead… ^^

In both, but currently only killswitch has DACS fully implemented, because the scanner currently only uses DACS for scanning active processes.

I must agree with you on this one. I would love to see KillSwitch integrated into CIS. :-TU