CIS and CBCOClean.

I installed CIS,hohoh, i’m very happy.
Do i need CBOClean or is included in CIS??

BOClean is not included in CIS yet but it will be in future release.


Bo clean features and heuristics to come in later versions

Is anyone using BOClean with CIS currently? Thanks.

Yep, that’s all I need


Thanks for the reply eXPerience. I have a-squared Anti-Malware that I got a free license to on GAOTD running with CIS and everything is ok, but I’m thinking it may be a bit of overkiill. BOClean may be just the right added protection because of the way it protects. How’s the CPU usage? Any noticeable slowdowns with it installed? Thanks.

No slowdowns for me. BoClean only hops every 15-20 secs to 10% of the cpu but 1 sec later it’s quite :-TU

I know that a-squared is good software but it has some FP, watch out for them :).


Thanks. So then you believe it’s ok to just use BOClean and CIS without a-squared correct?

That’s what I do, and I haven’t got infected for many months :slight_smile: :-TU


I use a-squared anti-malware 4.0 and CIS
Right now a-squared AM 4.0 has MUCH MUCH better detection then BOClean but it has many false positives but it’s not a problem for me. I better use protection that detects more and haw some FP…

But BOClean is good free alternative.


Good enough then V7chy. Thanks. and I appreciate the input. See ya.